Tuesday, May 29, 2012

$hit Money Likes

This week, we spend most of the episode finding out what Money likes and doesn’t like. We find some insight into his soul, as well as the rest of us, when we confront our near death experiences. But on a lighter note, what cartoon would you like to sleep with? Lance dropped the question on Tucker and Money out of nowhere, so this is more of a list with no reasoning behind it. Before the podcast, we had a little bit of insight into women from a random, friendly lady at the table behind us. We feel it’s our duty to pass this important knowledge along to our audience. Lance and Sean enter the Finals in the pursuit of Money’s potential date for either of them. He comes up with a solution that puts them both at a potentially hilarious disadvantage.

Also, in case you missed it, listen to the first episode of Tiki Talks. Lance and Sean review MIB3.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Tiki Talks: MIB3

Welcome to the first episode of Tiki Talks. On this episode, Lance and Sean review Men In Black 3. We cover elements of time travel, the quality of 3D, and how well Josh Brolin played K.

Tiki Talks: MIB3

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Making Your Mind Hurt

So the energy of the episode of this episode started off real low, so we decided to have another round of “Name That Shot”. With Sean still not drinking still, the guys try to empathize with him and talk about their longest dry spells. Lance professes his alcoholic professionalism and talks about how he gave up drinking for a month and for good measure went on the Atkins Diet. While on said diet, he came up with the most brilliant idea for replacing chips and dip. While on the subject of drinking, the guys discuss the start of their drinking careers and what embarrassing drinks that they started with. All of us are starting to get to that age where we can look back at dumb things we, as a generation, are responsible for and how profoundly sorry we are for instigating things that have spiraled out of control. While on the topic of getting older, we discuss things that we are now too old to do anymore. And if we don’t talk about alcohol enough on this episode, the bartender tries to pull a fast one on Lance with a new game called “Name The Beer You Ordered”, but Lance’s professionalism shines through and puts him to shame. We finally round off the night with a mind-blowing debate of Chuck Norris or The Most Interesting Man in the World (or The Dos Equis Guy).

As promised, examples of Juggalos

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Large Ball, Small Stylus

This we week we revive a segment that some had thought to be forgotten, “Name That Shot”. Lance ordered the shot and Sean is still not drinking, so it’s up to Tucker and Money to deduce the mysterious brown liquid. And speaking of drinking, Cinco de Mayo was the past weekend, so Professor Tucker schools us all on the history of this wonderfully American drinking holiday. The Tiki Boys all went to the cinema over the weekend. Tucker and Money got VIP tickets to the 7th Annual Lebowski Fest, while Lance and Sean nerded out watching Avengers. Sean nerded out so hard he even had convulsions in his seat at the end of the movie. Luckily he didn’t need to be hospitalized. And while on the topic of cinema, we have another installment of “The Casey Movie Pick”. That’s right there will be a horribly bad film premiering this week and no doubt, Casey will want to see it. After seeing Avengers, Sean got to thinking about super powers. What if he had one, what would he want it to be? The boys discuss the upsides and downsides to potential super powers. This week we also have a rousing Round 2 of who will Money set up this mystery girl with, Lance or Sean. Leave your comments below to help him decide. And don't forget to head over to Facebook and place your vote.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Party on My Back

This week there’s a party and your all invited, so go tell your friends. Lance evades Sean’s ninja skills to start the podcast and we have a hard intro. Then they reveal that they went to Podcast School this weekend at Stumptown Comic Fest, hosted by Geek in the City. We were learnt a few things, hopefully you think so too. We’re starting a new campaign this week; help us get Kate Upton on the podcast! The journey starts here and only you can help. While Sean and Lance were at Stumptown, Money and Tucker take a trip to Seattle…just not together. Tucker’s was a little more eventful. Sorry ladies, we hope you don’t cry after the announcement. But, Money has an announcement of his own and a challenge for all you listeners. Only you can decide the fate that hangs in the balance between Lance and Sean. Sean was super excited for the NFL Draft, now his favorite Duck is on his favorite team, the 49ers! Lance was stoked as well, as the Bengals had their 2nd straight successful draft. Which can’t be said for Money & Tucker’s Seahawks. Another question emerges to you, our listeners, what will have a bigger box office take, Avengers or Dark Knight Rises? We all weigh in on this and have some difference of opinions. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Curb It

Welcome all to our 12th episode. We start off fast as Sean & Lance recite the late 90's WWF intro of the New Age Outlaws, leading to a discussion on "Wrasslin". Each of the guys name their all time favorite wrestler, after we rattle off a long list of deceased performers. Moving on from the Sports Entertainment, we discuss our weekend. Three off the guys were on their normal pursuit of beer. The comedy, including the title of this episode, spiral out from there. Tucker then fills the group in on what he was up to while they were off on their adventure. Since the NBA Playoffs just kicked off, all the guys provide their projections of how they think it will turn out. Some of the guys are serious with their picks, while others... not so much. (Small note here, these picks were made last Tuesday, before D. Rose blew out his ACL in the opening game of the Bulls series.) We wrap up the evening with Sean posing a small series of questions to the group. Growing up which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle did you want to be? and then; which of the four Turtles do you think each of the Tiki Boys are, including yourself?

This leads us to a question for you the listener, which of the four Turtles are our Tiki Boys? Match them up in the comment section Below. Lance, Money, Sean, & Tucker to Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, & Raphael.

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More than anything, enjoy the podcast!