Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hooligan Boots

Some interesting things are happening in the sports world right now. The UEFA Cup is in full swing, this past weekend the Timbers played their rivals from the north, the Sounders, and Roger Clemens has been acquitted for perjury about taking steroids. The boys all weigh in on these, and we even hear a little input from Tucker 2.0. That is, until Tucker 1.0 shows up. Lance even has a conspiracy theory about the NCAA. Join us for “Sports Week” on Taco Tiki Tuesday, and weigh in on what you think about the “Steroids Era” of baseball, or the state of affairs in college sports.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Why We Love Kate Upton

Here's some behind the scene footage from the GQ photo shoot, featuring our favorite hottie, Kate Upton.

Video Game Nostalgia

It’s all about video games in this episode of Taco Tiki Tuesday. Well, mostly about video games. Actually, only somewhat. We also talk about some of our crazy weekends. Money hits a beerfest, Sean walks around Portland, Lance shoots some machine guns, and Tucker heads to Seattle to visit his girlfriend. There’s some breaking news with the mystery girl that Money has been trying to hook up with either Lance or Sean. Last week we ran a give away for a Limited Edition Prometheus poster in honor of the movie and our Tiki Talks review. We announce the winner. Who could it be? You’ll have to listen to find out.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mikey Neilson

Mikey Neilson, of Chronicles of the Nerds, joins us on the podcast this week. The unofficial title of this episode is “Anime Speed Lines”, as we spin off the rails multiple times on many of nerd topics. The first being a recent episode of Nerd Fight, which Mikey cohosts, where a topic was brought forth of Tim Drake vs. Tommy the Green Power Ranger. Tucker discusses his cancer…but in a fun way, and we find out that he might be interested in getting a tattoo. What do you think Tucker’s first tattoo should be? We have a Casey Movie Pick this week as well as a theme song to go along with the segment. This weeks Casey movie pick is Rock of Ages, and we have a split decision of the guys that this might be too high brow for our dear Casey to go see, even though it has Tom Cruise with his shirt off. Which of course spawns Mikey to profess his love of Tom Cruise. But the real question that is on everyone’s minds is about the Zombie Apocalypse that is starting to unfold around the world. What will our boys do? Where would they go? Mikey has a plan. What’s your plan?

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tiki Talks: Prometheus

On this episode of Tiki Talks, Lance & Sean welcome a special guest, Josh Tuneberg. The three of us review the new Ridley Scott film, Prometheus. The discussion ranges from what worked in the film (Cinematography & Acting) to what didn't (Story). As always enjoy, and please comment below if you'd like to hear more of "Berg" and have him as a fixture on Tiki Talks.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm Gonna Hold Up Some Fingers

On this episode of Taco Tiki Tuesday, we discuss how Sean’s sobriety is going and start planning for next week, when he starts drinking again. Lance has another problem, besides alcoholism, a caffeine addiction. Which stems into a discussion about the awfulness of Starbucks coffee. Memorial Day has just come to pass, so we all recall the shenanigans that happened over the long weekend. Money traveled the expanses of Washington, Lance barbequed, and Tucker & Sean went to go see Walk the Moon in concert. The boys also enjoyed a delectable treat from The Original, their famous ODB (Original Donut Burger). It will be on the Happy Hour menu in the near future, so give it a try and let us know what you think. Looking to the future, this upcoming weekend Sean will be traveling to California to visit his family for his sister’s graduation. He’ll recap on next weeks episode.

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