Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Epic Fail

So, I'm a complete failure. We recorded our first episode tonight, but....because I forgot a power cable & my computer died shortly after our recording, we have no episode for next week. Alas, we shall vigilantly try again next week for an airing of our first episode on February 14th...holy scnikes a Valentine's Day real ease for our first episode?!?! I don't know if that's fantastic or ironic? We shall see.....stay tuned!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Every guy needs a "Man Night" every week. A night dedicated to hanging with the guys, talking over beers about everything from sports, cars, movies, music, science, technology & of course women. Sadly, not every guy has the opportunity to let the testosterone flow and unleash his inner caveman. So join our weekly "Man Night"! Enjoy the laughs and debauchery as the four of us unleash all that is man.

Every week we will offer you a seat at our table as we discuss the wide spectrum of male interests. So pull up a chair, grab a pint, and of course the greatest invention known to man....the 0.50 cent taco!