Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Space Sharks

We’re a little short staffed this week, Tucker and Money had a man date and missed out. This left Sean and Lance to play to their strengths…sports, comics and movies. Lance finally gets to tell his famous Blazer story and why he became a Cincinnati Bengals fan. We also touch on the Peyton Manning signing that happened over the last weekend. Somehow we transition to the upcoming Teenage “Mutant” Ninja Turtles project, directed by Michael Bay, and causing both of us to yell into the microphone. The Casey Movie Pick of the Week is Dark Tide, a “thriller” starring Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez. Then on to better movies, the summer blockbusters! We’ve got The Avengers, Bond, Dark Knight Rises, Bourne Legacy, Men In Black III and a few more. Somewhere in the middle we find time to play name that shot and squeeze in some juicy high school gossip. Wow, that makes us sound awesome! If you still like us after listening to us spiral completely out of control, like us on Facebook and tell us what you think below. You might even get a mention on the podcast.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tweet This

Hey everybody! "Hi Dr. Nick!" (Sorry, I couldn't help it) We're tweeting up a storm on Twitter now. Follow us, retweet and help us spread the podcast to those anxious listeners who don't even know what they're missing yet.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Outer Space Heaters

This week we have a very special guest, Chad and Andy from The Outer Space Heaters! Chad is the very talented musician behind our opening theme music. They stopped by the podcast to discuss music, movies and how to be rock stars. After we get their origin story, we move on to the finer things in life…beer. We touch on our listener base, as well as social media and how you, the listener, can help us take over the world…or at least the Internet. Since we have experts in the house, we figure it would be a good time to talk about our favorite movie soundtracks. Tucker doesn’t know how to pick favorites, so we expand the category to Original Score and Regular Soundtrack. We talk about how to experience a live show, whether it’s a “shake your ass band” or a “shut your mouth and listen band”. And you’re in for a treat, The Outer Space Heaters are just rapping up the recording of their new EP and have dropped the new single, “Escape Velocity”, to melt your faces. So get ready to rock out with us and please comment below.

Also don’t forget to check out the video of the live performance of The Outer Space Heaters unreleased song, "When The End Comes, We'll Feel It".

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Friday, March 16, 2012

The Outer Space Heaters (Sneak Preview)

We're going to try something new for all you loyal listeners. We have a special sneak peak for next weeks episode...and by "peak" we mean you can actually WATCH a video! The Outer Space Heaters, the group responsible for our killer theme music, joined in the exploits of our raucous podcast. To tide you over until you can listen to the full episode on Tuesday, we're dropping this sweet video of the acoustic song they performed for us live.


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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

$hit On Money

We have our first official guest! We finally get to meet Tucker’s old roommate, Chris, who cooked mac ‘n cheese in his boxers and wants Tucker to be his daddy. Lance welcomes Chris warmly with our new standardized “Guest Welcoming Procedure”. If you haven’t noticed by the title we have a special theme throughout this episode and Money gets the brunt end of it. Our question of the week is posed, “Do you care what sex your masseuse is.” A comic book discussion digresses and Money all but checks out as we rain praise on our beloved Timbers. We try to bring the discussion around for him, but like a typical Seattlite, he can’t figure out what team we’re trying to reference. Trying to throw him another bone, we try to pry the origin story for the name “Money” out of him, but he stonewalls us. Switching topics quickly, Money tells us of a particular culinary find that he stumbled upon over the weekend. Sean relays his subpar-plutonic-movie-date, and throws his friend completely under the bus…but he still saw the movie. As much as some of us dislike Seattle, we will all be making the trip up at the end of the month for either Money’s birthday or Emerald City ComiCon. And as if he forgot, Lance quickly recounts his birthday shenanigans. Knowing Lance…he probably did forget.

Listen, learn and enjoy this episode. And as always, comment below, like us on Facebook and share your enjoyment with everybody you know!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Catch It On the Edit

Hey, we finally got both mics working! Now that that problem is solved, we can focus on more Money one liners, which I know you love twice as much as we do. But now down to business, taco business that is, or lack there of for Sean & Money. Since we didn't have another bro-fest like we did last weekend, we get caught up on all the weekend shenanigans and almost skip right over Money's West Seattle Beer Dash. But who cares about Seattle? At least the "Portland Hipsters" don't. Lance manages to tell us about ONE of his favorite sporting events, while the rest of us drone on about 2, 3 or more. And now that we're getting a little older, we can discuss, at great lengths, (adult) furniture. What would Taco Tiki Tuesday be without a little nerd banter? We discuss an epic battle or wits, gadgets and sexual prowess of who would win...Doctor Who vs. James Bond vs. Batman? Let's hear your thoughts on the subject below and vote on our Facebook page of who you think would win.

Catch It On the Edit