Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Money $hot

It’s the 25th episode! We have a double special treat for you listeners. First and foremost we premiere the “Money $hot”, a dedicated camera to capture the non-verbal communications that Money is so well known for. The second treat is we have a special guest on the show, Nick Ninja. You may better know him as a friend of the show that is well prepared for the zombie apocalypse. We find out how Tucker’s trip to Seattle went and why Money is suddenly broadcasting from Japan. Lance and Sean went and saw Dark Knight Rises with a bunch of douchebags (not by choice). We talk about the trailers we saw, which leads into a discussion of the greatness of James Bond and the actors that play the part. We get interrupted by “Name That Shot”, which Nick fails to finish throughout the rest of the episode. Come join us for National Night Out on August 7th at The Jolly Roger in John's Landing. We’ll be recording live, as well as some great beer and barbeque specials, and possibly some live music! The Olympics just started, so the boys weigh in on the frivolity of the Olympic Judges. Money went to Florence + The Machine at Edgefield, while Sean went to the Violet Isle CD Release Party at the Star Theater. Sean then goes on to list some of his prospective Summer Concert List and the upcoming Tiki Ten. Look for it on August 1st!

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***Note: Having some issues with the video. We should have the problem solved in a couple of days.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Technical Difficulties

Don’t be alarmed that this episode is a little short. We had some sound issues, and we had to cut the episode about halfway through. As for what actually made the cut, Lance recaps his day of drinking at work, which included a Dirty Girl Scout. Sean, Money, and Tucker spent some time day drinking as well at the Mississippi Street Fair, while Lance recovered at home. Before Money joined the motley crew and the Street Fair, he helped out vampires everywhere by giving blood. Afterwards, Tucker and Sean checked out a Film School PDX recommended screening of The Wizard of Oz. We finish off with a question from Tucker, “What is the most epic thing you can think off?” We don’t think Sean quite understood the question.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Tiki Talks: Dark Knight Rises

Berg, Lance, and Sean went and saw the midnight IMAX show of Dark Knight Rises. The first few minutes are spoiler free, but after that...all bets are off. We kept it pretty tame as far as spoiling it goes, but we wanted to give you a heads up if you haven't seen the movie.

Tiki Talks: Dark Knight Rises

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

For Free

Boom goes the dynamite this week. We start off with a blast of talk about the 4th of July and the legality of fireworks. In true NPR style, Sean and Money ask for sponsors and interns to help run the show. We need your help! Spread the word to all your friends and the internets. Money gets outed at work from a coworker who finally listened to the podcast. Dark Knight Rises comes out this week, so we all make some predictions, which spawns a conversation about best movie sequels. We name a few, but what is your favorite movie sequel? Is it something that we didn’t mention? Sean provides a quick All Star recap before putting Lance to sleep. Money finally provided a topic, what are your requirements for tipping? The boys weigh in, before talk diverges into our current cell phone debacle. Lance and Sean are about to have their cell phone contracts expire and are debating on switching to Virgin Mobile.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Magic of Audrey Hepburn

It’s just Sean and Lance this week on the podcast. They start off where they always should start, Kate Upton. We spend a few minutes plugging the Taco Tiki Side Projects, including Sean’s recently launched music venture, Tiki Ten, and the newest episode of Tiki Talks. Sean also was on Chronicles of the Nerds, where he plugged the idea for Tiki Ten. When Lance asked Sean, why we needed a music soundtrack, Sean couldn’t help himself but humble brag about how great of a playlist maker he is. NBA free agency is upon us, and the boys put on their Swami caps and make their predictions of whom their respective teams will sign. Spinning off of the current Tiki Talks, Lance came up with an interesting question of what classic movie would you like to see on the silver screen again. The boys pull a Tucker, and can’t pick just one film, but of course any Audrey Hepburn movie makes it into both of their picks. Since it’s just Sean and Lance, they couldn’t help themselves but talk about the new Amazing Spider-Man movie, and how it relates to the comics.

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And let us know in the comments, what movie you'd like to see up on the silver screen again. And here's a little love from Audrey herself:

Friday, July 6, 2012

Mayor & Sheriff of Singletown

Sean’s ninja skills finally pay off this week, Money, thank you. We don’t want to spoil it, but lets just say it leads to a conversation about self-love. Our conversation transitions to a recap of the Timbers-Sounders game. Money seems to think the C-Linkers are better fans than the Army. We also plot out ways of how to fix soccer as a whole. Lance needs the guys to help him form an idea to plan his Dad’s upcoming big birthday. The conversation, like usual, digresses off topic from there. Sean remembers that he neglected an ever-important plug, and uses it to put the guys back on track. Tucker & Sean went to see Buster Keaton double feature at the Clinton Street Theater presented by Film School PDX. One of Money & Tucker’s good friends from Seattle is newly single and making the trek down to Portland. This opens the group up to a roundtable on what should be on the agenda for this weekend. Sean wraps up the show describing the differences between being the Mayor and the Sheriff of "Singletown".

Monday, July 2, 2012

Tiki Ten: Summertime 2012

Welcome to the Tiki Ten! Each month we’ll bring you a 10 song playlist that we have put together to represent what we’ve been listening to each month. It will carry the vibe of the season, some interesting new music, or just a random theme that we’ve put together. Either way you get an awesome selection to listen to throughout the month.

This month we kick it off with a BANG! Fourth of July is approaching, and that means barbeques. So here’s a little good feelin’ summertime music that you can enjoy with a beer, a brat, and the good company of friends.

Track Listing
1. Quesadilla - Walk The Moon
2. Sebastian - Reptar
3. Block After Block - Matt & Kim
4. Shoestrings - AWOLNATION
5. St Croix (Acoustic) - Family of the Year
6. Silver - Eternal Summers
7. Young Blood - Black Whales
8. North Side Gal - J.D. McPherson
9. Some Nights - Fun.
10. Gimme Twice - The Royal Concept

Tiki Talks: Ted

Here is another edition of Tiki Talks. This time Lance and Berg went and saw the new Seth MacFarlane movie Ted, starring Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, and Seth MacFarlane. This raunchy, future stoner classic, leads to a great conversation. They try not to spoil everything, but like all Tiki Talks, this is SPOILER HEAVY. Sit back, listen, and enjoy the fun.

Tiki Talks: Ted

Here is the Red Band Trailer for your viewing pleasure: