Friday, October 19, 2012

Tiki Ten: Ten from the Crypt

Halloween is a sacred time of year for some.  What better way to show this than through music.  We have compiled a special edition of Tiki Ten to celebrate this unique holiday.  Together we have assembled the darker side of Halloween.  It will vary in tone from horror, to nostalgic, to down right creepy.  They will be fun, ghoulish, dirty, fast, and mean, sometimes all at once.  We will run you through the gauntlet of all the emotions of this glorious holiday.  Enjoy this eclectic mix, and play it for all small children you come across.  Teach them the true meaning of Halloween.

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Track Listing
1.  The Sermon & Creatures of the Night – The Creepshow 
2.  Moondance – Van Morrison 
3.  Walk Like A Zombie – Horror Pops 
4.  Devil’s Plaything – Danzig 
5.  Astro Zombies – The Ms. Fits 
6.  Fall Children – A.F.I. 
7.  Sleep Tight – Sarah Blackwood 
8.  Haunted Cathouse – Nekromantix  
9.  Death Is Not The End – Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds (featuring friends) 
10. Halloween – Dropkick Murphys 

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