Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mikey Neilson

Mikey Neilson, of Chronicles of the Nerds, joins us on the podcast this week. The unofficial title of this episode is “Anime Speed Lines”, as we spin off the rails multiple times on many of nerd topics. The first being a recent episode of Nerd Fight, which Mikey cohosts, where a topic was brought forth of Tim Drake vs. Tommy the Green Power Ranger. Tucker discusses his cancer…but in a fun way, and we find out that he might be interested in getting a tattoo. What do you think Tucker’s first tattoo should be? We have a Casey Movie Pick this week as well as a theme song to go along with the segment. This weeks Casey movie pick is Rock of Ages, and we have a split decision of the guys that this might be too high brow for our dear Casey to go see, even though it has Tom Cruise with his shirt off. Which of course spawns Mikey to profess his love of Tom Cruise. But the real question that is on everyone’s minds is about the Zombie Apocalypse that is starting to unfold around the world. What will our boys do? Where would they go? Mikey has a plan. What’s your plan?

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