Tuesday, October 30, 2012

General Mills

So there were five Tuesdays in October, and much to Sean’s chagrin, this is a special bonus episode. Sean’s old college buddy, Mills, joined us this week. Halloween is coming up tomorrow, but parties have been happening since Friday night. Sean and Mills recap their party escapades from Saturday night…booze, karaoke, and cleavage. Out of that list Berg and Lance latch on to the karaoke. Lance doesn’t sing it and Berg goes on a tirade about Journey. The rain has returned to Oregon, which means kickball is over and indoor activities have commenced. The guys go through a few things that get them through the dreary days. Finally, NBA tip off is tonight, so the boys all weigh in with their picks for the season…and this time Sean doesn’t put any money on it.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weekend of Fails

Well we truly lived up to the title of this episode, dropping the podcast two days late. So I guess it’s Taco Tiki Thursday?! Berg starts us off during one of Sean’s patented “Ninja Starts” with a story about why you shouldn’t bring your children into tattoo parlors. Sean’s “Special Lady Friend” joins us this week, since we’re recording in his living room, and we do a quick recap of the mishap that was our trip to Seattle. The Ducks dropped to No. 4 in the BCS, and Sean rails on the guys who program the computers pretty hard. Lance bought a new car and Berg went to a “Viking Party”. We preview our Halloween plans; Sean has a laundry list of parties to go to, while Berg and Lance don’t really know what they’re doing. Finally, after a few episodes of recording out of the bar, we come up with some new phone rules…and no, it does not involve “Dutch Rudders”.

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Weekend of Fails

Friday, October 19, 2012

Tiki Ten: Ten from the Crypt

Halloween is a sacred time of year for some.  What better way to show this than through music.  We have compiled a special edition of Tiki Ten to celebrate this unique holiday.  Together we have assembled the darker side of Halloween.  It will vary in tone from horror, to nostalgic, to down right creepy.  They will be fun, ghoulish, dirty, fast, and mean, sometimes all at once.  We will run you through the gauntlet of all the emotions of this glorious holiday.  Enjoy this eclectic mix, and play it for all small children you come across.  Teach them the true meaning of Halloween.

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Track Listing
1.  The Sermon & Creatures of the Night – The Creepshow 
2.  Moondance – Van Morrison 
3.  Walk Like A Zombie – Horror Pops 
4.  Devil’s Plaything – Danzig 
5.  Astro Zombies – The Ms. Fits 
6.  Fall Children – A.F.I. 
7.  Sleep Tight – Sarah Blackwood 
8.  Haunted Cathouse – Nekromantix  
9.  Death Is Not The End – Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds (featuring friends) 
10. Halloween – Dropkick Murphys 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Welcome to the first noticeable change to the format of Taco Tiki Tuesday.  This is the first of our new monthly interview series.  For today’s show, Berg and Lance sit down with local tattoo artist Gene Hannan.  This is Berg’s go to artist for all of his work.  If you would like check out Gene and his work, head on down to Pussycat in Milwaukie.  This is an interview in true Tiki Talk fashion; we can’t stay on topic to save our live.  So sit back and enjoy the ride.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

God Forgives Bacon

This week’s episode starts a little flat due to our abnormal recording time. However, we jump right into it by posing a question to you the listener, “What should the house rules be for phone usage when recording outside the bar?”. Leave your comments below, and we’ll pick the best one for our new rule. We quickly digress into the re-watchability of certain movies. Finally we get back on topic and tallied the total experience points that Sean received during his Level Up celebration. From there we recap the epic collapse of 3 of the top 5 teams in college football. Which leads into NBA preseason and MLB post season, which Sean does not acknowledge exists. Berg brings in a little culture by previewing the Portland Tattoo Expo, while Sean previews his actual birthday weekend, visiting friends and family in LA. Berg and Lance are excited for the new movie Argo, and discuss the evolution of Ben Affleck, highlights and misfires, both acting and directing.

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God Forgives Bacon

Sunday, October 7, 2012

European Vacation

As you all know, Lance recently took a little European Vacation.  While he was there he made multiple recordings on his phone to attempt to document his adventures.  His buddy Kevin even chimes in a few times to add another perspective.  Now using his phone as a recording devise, somehow manages to make the recording sound like he is on a phone.  Like all Taco Tiki Tuesday episodes, the amount of alcohol consumed for each segment varies greatly.  Enjoy.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Who Has Polio Anymore

Welcome to the new Taco Tiki Tuesday format! This week we delayed recording to wait for Lance’s triumphant return from Europe. Needless to say, we debriefed his trip. As per usual, we digressed a few times along the way. With all of Lance’s talk of beer, Money celebrates the end of his beer-batical. Sean & Lance clash on the merits of modern art. Sean is starting back up at school and has a movie class on Hitchcock full of film nerds. He also spent the weekend at the Retro Gaming Expo selling some limited edition prints. Berg brings us up to speed on a few great films that are out right now, Looper and The Master. As a group we look forward to what’s going on in Portland in October; previewing up coming concerts, movies, and other funtastic activities. The most important of which is Sean’s Dirty Thirty (XXX) birthday party. We finish off the podcast with some quick college football talk.

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