Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Magic of Audrey Hepburn

It’s just Sean and Lance this week on the podcast. They start off where they always should start, Kate Upton. We spend a few minutes plugging the Taco Tiki Side Projects, including Sean’s recently launched music venture, Tiki Ten, and the newest episode of Tiki Talks. Sean also was on Chronicles of the Nerds, where he plugged the idea for Tiki Ten. When Lance asked Sean, why we needed a music soundtrack, Sean couldn’t help himself but humble brag about how great of a playlist maker he is. NBA free agency is upon us, and the boys put on their Swami caps and make their predictions of whom their respective teams will sign. Spinning off of the current Tiki Talks, Lance came up with an interesting question of what classic movie would you like to see on the silver screen again. The boys pull a Tucker, and can’t pick just one film, but of course any Audrey Hepburn movie makes it into both of their picks. Since it’s just Sean and Lance, they couldn’t help themselves but talk about the new Amazing Spider-Man movie, and how it relates to the comics.

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And let us know in the comments, what movie you'd like to see up on the silver screen again. And here's a little love from Audrey herself:

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