Tuesday, March 13, 2012

$hit On Money

We have our first official guest! We finally get to meet Tucker’s old roommate, Chris, who cooked mac ‘n cheese in his boxers and wants Tucker to be his daddy. Lance welcomes Chris warmly with our new standardized “Guest Welcoming Procedure”. If you haven’t noticed by the title we have a special theme throughout this episode and Money gets the brunt end of it. Our question of the week is posed, “Do you care what sex your masseuse is.” A comic book discussion digresses and Money all but checks out as we rain praise on our beloved Timbers. We try to bring the discussion around for him, but like a typical Seattlite, he can’t figure out what team we’re trying to reference. Trying to throw him another bone, we try to pry the origin story for the name “Money” out of him, but he stonewalls us. Switching topics quickly, Money tells us of a particular culinary find that he stumbled upon over the weekend. Sean relays his subpar-plutonic-movie-date, and throws his friend completely under the bus…but he still saw the movie. As much as some of us dislike Seattle, we will all be making the trip up at the end of the month for either Money’s birthday or Emerald City ComiCon. And as if he forgot, Lance quickly recounts his birthday shenanigans. Knowing Lance…he probably did forget.

Listen, learn and enjoy this episode. And as always, comment below, like us on Facebook and share your enjoyment with everybody you know!

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