Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Allen Bethel

A quick apology, we had some technical difficulties, but with a guest in “studio” we had to make do. Which brings me to our guest! The boys are joined by Allen Bethel of Chronicles of the Nerds Podcast and Money makes his triumphant return. Thanksgiving is coming up, which means turkey time. Lance goes over all the various ways of cooking a turkey before declaring that BBQ is better than deep-fried. Although Berg insists that we should all try Luau-style. There have even been some hints of a mysterious bacon-wrapped turkey floating around on the Internet, so we go to our bacon expert Money to expound these rumors. Sean tells of British Thanksgiving and the rest of the guys fill us in on their dinner plans and what they look forward to the most. Some pre-dinner talk comes up about the 1st Annual Turkey Bowl, hosted by the guys at Gabriel Park in Portland. After Thanksgiving comes the dreaded Black Friday, which no one apparently is going to be attending. However, Sean plans on venturing out to pick up some music during National Record Store Day. And when Cyber Monday comes around, we’ve got some cool gadgets (Memoto Camera & Boxee TV), movies (Bond 50), and books (101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die & The Hemingway Cookbook) to check out. Speaking of movies, the guys give a little look at some coming attractions like Zero Dark Thirty, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, and Parker. Sean rants about Amazing Spider-Man and nearly breaks Allen. To wrap this whole 2 hour episode up, we break down the Holiday Ale Fest.

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Allen Bethel

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