Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Zombie Jesus

Our “Quest for Tacos” continues this week, as we try out a local bar called Blitz Pearl. We recap our Easter weekends, but mostly discuss if Jesus was a zombie or not, and how quite possibly he could be a certain Kryptonian named Kal-El. This week, we all pull a “Tucker”, since none of us can settle on one cartoon that we loved growing up. But, Lance wants to know what TV shows we’re all watching right now. Don't worry there are now spoilers, since Lance divulges the rules of when you're allowed to talk about shows on the internet.The only current show that Tucker watches is “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, since it’s the most like Seinfeld. Seeing a fatal flaw in his logic, Money quickly diverts the conversation to his S2000, and how like “It’s Always Sunny” is no closer to Seinfeld then his car is to a Miata. And lastly, spring is in the air, which means baseball season is upon us. We all throw down our early picks of who will win the World Series. Tell us what are the shows you’re currently watching. And what cartoons from your childhood are you fond of? Comment below!

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