Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Josh Williamson

This week we have up and coming comic book writer, Josh Williamson. Josh writes Voodoo and Uncharted for DC Comics and has written young readers books for Oni Press. His book Dear Dracula is currently being made into an animated movie. Josh is nominated for Best Writer at the upcoming Stumptown Comics Fest (April 28-29). As all great comic book stories go, we started with Josh’s origin story. Unlike comic book movies, however, we covered the origin story in 2 minutes rather than 2 hours. But Josh isn’t just interested in comic books. We covered our normal range of topics with Josh, always somehow coming back to Money’s dreaded topic. Money did come up with some very spot-on questions for Josh, Lance and Sean. Like, “does Orco, from He-Man, have legs?”, or “how did Casper die?”, and “who exactly is Archie’s villain?” We also found out why Portland is slowly becoming the hub for great comic book creators. How, do you ask, did we fit all this info in an hour-long podcast? We didn’t. That’s right, we recorded an hour and forty-five minutes. So get yourself a cup of coffee and sit in your favorite recliner, cause we’ll be in your head for a while. But let’s face it, it could be worse…you could be watching a Michael Bay movie.

You can follow Josh on Twitter @williamson_josh

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  1. A few things...

    1) I'm totally going to get The Pro the first chance I get.
    2) The Valley is Hell's oven in the Summertime, but the rest of LA isn't THAT bad! stop being such huge pussies :P.
    3) Sean, Preacher is AMAZING and you should DEFINITELY check it out! :)