Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chocolate Hostage

This week Football is back.  This causes us to have a football heavy podcast.  America, and Taco Tiki Tuesday, LOVES their football. Before we get into the sport of the gods that is football, we have a discussion on the Little League World Series; should it be televised?  We also touch on Failed Potential of athletes and maybe the cause.  Lance then then explains his stance on why he feels confident with his ability to route for a football team that he isn’t an alumni, and his justification for doing so.  Then the Football talk begins.  We start with the recap of the Oregon game, and ponder the ramifications of giving up 34 points to Arkansas State, as well of the logistical problems of Hurricane Isaac and the OSU Game.  They guys then make their College Football conference champions, and National Champs.  The only logical thing to do is then pick Super Bowl Champs.  We feel we have bombarded you with sports enough and move on to a discussion of the Fall TV schedule.  What are the most anticipated shows for the guys?  We let you know.  This also leads into a discussion of our favorite series of all time.  Finally we preview Rose City Comic ConWidmer Oktoberfest, and Music Fest Northwest.

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