Monday, October 1, 2012

Tiki Ten: Breakups

We all go through breakups. Music usually plays a big part of my life when I go through a breakup.  It helps me get through many of the stages, from self pity to I'm awesome and that crazy girl just lost the best thing she'll ever know. So half of this months Tiki Ten is some self pity songs and merges to songs that help you move on with your life. Hopefully, by listening to this, you can move through all the phases of the breakup in 33 minutes rather than 6 months of wallowing in your own filth and growing weird facial hair.


Track Listing:
1. Color of a Lonely Heart is Blue - Old 97's
2. Tracks of My Tears - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
3. Grand Finale - Fake Problems
4. Kiss Off - Violent Femmes
5. Bring It On - The Gaslight Anthem
6. Train In Vain - The Clash
7. All I Want Is More - Reel Big Fish
8. Let Me Sink (Where I Die) - Young Turks
9. Sunday Morning - The Mezingers
10. Great American Sharpshooter -Less Than Jake

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