Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Who Has Polio Anymore

Welcome to the new Taco Tiki Tuesday format! This week we delayed recording to wait for Lance’s triumphant return from Europe. Needless to say, we debriefed his trip. As per usual, we digressed a few times along the way. With all of Lance’s talk of beer, Money celebrates the end of his beer-batical. Sean & Lance clash on the merits of modern art. Sean is starting back up at school and has a movie class on Hitchcock full of film nerds. He also spent the weekend at the Retro Gaming Expo selling some limited edition prints. Berg brings us up to speed on a few great films that are out right now, Looper and The Master. As a group we look forward to what’s going on in Portland in October; previewing up coming concerts, movies, and other funtastic activities. The most important of which is Sean’s Dirty Thirty (XXX) birthday party. We finish off the podcast with some quick college football talk.

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