Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Yupsters

November is upon us here at Taco Tiki Tuesday. That means we have a slew of events happening in Portland and some upcoming movies nationwide. Of course the election is happening today, so Beg and Sean discuss where we are in the race and what the possible outcome could be. The newest Tiki Ten has just dropped, so if you haven’t checked it out, do so; it’s full of folky, autumn goodness. Which leads us in to the local concert scene. We even have a few shows from bands that are on the Tiki Ten. There are a plethora of good movies (and a few Casey Movie Picks) coming out this month, including Skyfall, Lincoln, and Rise of the Guardians. Sean is in full participation of Movember and has included a link to donate to the cause, either anonymously or on his/Taco Tiki Tuesday’s behalf. As we wrap it up, we squeeze a few cultural items on our calendar. Of course there are always great exhibits at the Portland Art Museum, including this month’s "The Body Beautiful". At the Oregon History Museum, there are two exhibits, one on the 50th anniversary of the Columbus Day Storm and another on local art. OMSI has an anthropological exhibit called "RACE: Are We So Different?" And finally the holidays are here, which means “The Worlds Largest Christmas Bazaar” is at the Expo Center on Thanksgiving weekend. And speaking of Black Friday, that also happens to be National Record Store Day, which includes a lot of limited releases that are available that day only. So check out Music Millennium, Everyday Music, Jackpot Records, and Trade Up Music in Portland, and Ranch Records in Salem. To tie it all up, Sean had a seasonal beer sampling at his house and the winner was Hibernation Ale from Great Divide Brewing Co. So fill your glass and enjoy a pleasant November.

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The Yupsters

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