Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mr. Carter's Neighborhood

This week we have Berg and Lance’s long time buddy Carter stops by for a chat. He is a trained chief so Lance has all the guys run their best date night plate they make and let him provide his professional critique. Not sure how this derails into a BBQ and Bacon conversation, so we move on to some movie talk. The Academy Awards announced their nominees for this year’s movies. We all agree that this year is like every other, they royally F’ed up. So instead we talk about movies we like, screw the academy. We transition to another broken Institution, the Baseball Hall of Fame. They made the epic decision to elect a grand total of ZERO new members. Yaaaa Baseball. So let’s talk about Basketball. The Sacramento Kings are moving, most likely, to Seattle. Check it out and enjoy.

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Mr. Carter's Neighborhood

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