Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Making Your Mind Hurt

So the energy of the episode of this episode started off real low, so we decided to have another round of “Name That Shot”. With Sean still not drinking still, the guys try to empathize with him and talk about their longest dry spells. Lance professes his alcoholic professionalism and talks about how he gave up drinking for a month and for good measure went on the Atkins Diet. While on said diet, he came up with the most brilliant idea for replacing chips and dip. While on the subject of drinking, the guys discuss the start of their drinking careers and what embarrassing drinks that they started with. All of us are starting to get to that age where we can look back at dumb things we, as a generation, are responsible for and how profoundly sorry we are for instigating things that have spiraled out of control. While on the topic of getting older, we discuss things that we are now too old to do anymore. And if we don’t talk about alcohol enough on this episode, the bartender tries to pull a fast one on Lance with a new game called “Name The Beer You Ordered”, but Lance’s professionalism shines through and puts him to shame. We finally round off the night with a mind-blowing debate of Chuck Norris or The Most Interesting Man in the World (or The Dos Equis Guy).

As promised, examples of Juggalos

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