Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Party on My Back

This week there’s a party and your all invited, so go tell your friends. Lance evades Sean’s ninja skills to start the podcast and we have a hard intro. Then they reveal that they went to Podcast School this weekend at Stumptown Comic Fest, hosted by Geek in the City. We were learnt a few things, hopefully you think so too. We’re starting a new campaign this week; help us get Kate Upton on the podcast! The journey starts here and only you can help. While Sean and Lance were at Stumptown, Money and Tucker take a trip to Seattle…just not together. Tucker’s was a little more eventful. Sorry ladies, we hope you don’t cry after the announcement. But, Money has an announcement of his own and a challenge for all you listeners. Only you can decide the fate that hangs in the balance between Lance and Sean. Sean was super excited for the NFL Draft, now his favorite Duck is on his favorite team, the 49ers! Lance was stoked as well, as the Bengals had their 2nd straight successful draft. Which can’t be said for Money & Tucker’s Seahawks. Another question emerges to you, our listeners, what will have a bigger box office take, Avengers or Dark Knight Rises? We all weigh in on this and have some difference of opinions. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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