Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hookers Go With Blow

Berg, from Tiki Talks, joins us this week on the podcast. Money takes a wrong turn and ends up at Inverness Jail. Lance loves watching construction workers, so we talk a little bit about guilty pleasures and fetishes. The consensus of the group is strip clubs, except Money, who loves Oreo cookies in bed. None of us have Labor Day weekend plans, except a possible barbeque at Sean’s while listening to the new Tiki Ten playlist that drops on Friday! This weekend also kicks off college football, so Sean is a little outnumbered this week, since Berg is a Beavers fan like Lance. Nick & Tucker show up a little late to the game to drop a big announcement. And since we have all three Tiki Talkers on the show, we discuss a little bit about why we love our movies so much.

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