Tuesday, August 14, 2012

National Night Out

It’s National Night Out. The Tiki Boys spent the evening down at Jolly Roger at John's Landing. We had some delicious barbeque, cheap beers, and listened to The Eddyville Band play some tasty tunes. Some friends dropped by to hang out and enjoy the festivities. Money weighs in on Terrell “Terrible” Owens signing with the Seahawks while we play “Name That Shot”. Sean must be the only person in the world who can legitimately segway from football to the Avengers. We start talking about the news of Joss Whedon signing on to do another Avengers movie and TV show. The beautiful Natalie Portman just got married, so Money breaks down the juicy details of “Portman-gate”. Zenda from Zen Salon at the Landing drops by to drop off some free samples for the girls. Brittney plugs Rocio’s blog DilDo's and DilDon'ts, which starts a lot of vagina talk. This includes Sean’s new product idea, which Money dubs “Fruit of the Womb”. Listen in and give your suggestions for product names in the comments below.

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