Friday, August 31, 2012

Tiki Ten: Tanlines

Welcome back for another Tiki Ten. September is the last hurrah of summer. As fall approaches we try to squeeze the last remnants of the warm weather out of our weekends. This starts with Labor Day. Hopefully you have some barbecues or camping or other fun activities planned. And to help you through it, here is a nice selection of some rockin' tunes! This includes music from our friends Outer Space Heaters, a new band that we discovered at a recent show, The Colourist, and a new selection from the breakout artist of the year, Gotye.

Tiki Ten: Tanlines

Track Listing:
1. Caught Me Thinking - Bahamas
2. Girls - Deep Sea Arcade
3. Matador - Maria Taylor
4. Escape Velocity - Outer Space Heaters
5. Confession - The 71's
6. Generals - The Mynabirds
7. Oh Goodbye - The Colourist
8. In Your Light - Gotye
9. Heartbeat - JJAMZ
10. We Come Running - Youngblood Hawke

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hookers Go With Blow

Berg, from Tiki Talks, joins us this week on the podcast. Money takes a wrong turn and ends up at Inverness Jail. Lance loves watching construction workers, so we talk a little bit about guilty pleasures and fetishes. The consensus of the group is strip clubs, except Money, who loves Oreo cookies in bed. None of us have Labor Day weekend plans, except a possible barbeque at Sean’s while listening to the new Tiki Ten playlist that drops on Friday! This weekend also kicks off college football, so Sean is a little outnumbered this week, since Berg is a Beavers fan like Lance. Nick & Tucker show up a little late to the game to drop a big announcement. And since we have all three Tiki Talkers on the show, we discuss a little bit about why we love our movies so much.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Magic Sean

With the crazy amount of noise from last week’s National Night Out, we decided to record from the “Library” that is Sean and Tucker’s living room. However, we are sans Tucker this week. As summer winds down, we have another Casey Movie Pick! This weekend Premium Rush hits theaters and we can’t help but wonder, is Joseph Gordon Levitt going to take his shirt off to make this a legitimate Casey Movie Pick? Lance brings some MLB news in the form of Melky Cabrera’s 50 game suspension and King Felix’s perfect game (3rd one in the majors this season). Lance also has a question for all you listeners…what computer should he get to help with podcasting? Comment with your suggestions below. Money leaves early, so Lance and Sean dive into the DC Universe on film and writing in the comic industry. Sean also brings up some fun things to do in Portland this weekend, starting with Hecklevision at Hollywood Theater on Friday night. Then on Saturday, Laurelwood Brewery is having their annual LaurelFest. This is a day full of beer & liquor tastings, live music, and mini golf. On Sunday, Zach’s Shack on Hawthorne is hosting their annual Hot Dog Eating Contest with a $5 entry. Summer is nearly over, what are your plans this weekend?

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And here's the trailer for Premium Rush:

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Tiki Talks: Expendables 2

So this isn’t the Campaign Legacy that we promised you. It is however Expendables 2. The most rip-roaring, action packed, gun-toting comedy of the year. That’s right, I said comedy. Berg, Lance, and Sean delve into the catch phrase, one-liner, explosion heavy awesomeness that is Expendables 2!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

National Night Out

It’s National Night Out. The Tiki Boys spent the evening down at Jolly Roger at John's Landing. We had some delicious barbeque, cheap beers, and listened to The Eddyville Band play some tasty tunes. Some friends dropped by to hang out and enjoy the festivities. Money weighs in on Terrell “Terrible” Owens signing with the Seahawks while we play “Name That Shot”. Sean must be the only person in the world who can legitimately segway from football to the Avengers. We start talking about the news of Joss Whedon signing on to do another Avengers movie and TV show. The beautiful Natalie Portman just got married, so Money breaks down the juicy details of “Portman-gate”. Zenda from Zen Salon at the Landing drops by to drop off some free samples for the girls. Brittney plugs Rocio’s blog DilDo's and DilDon'ts, which starts a lot of vagina talk. This includes Sean’s new product idea, which Money dubs “Fruit of the Womb”. Listen in and give your suggestions for product names in the comments below.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tucker's 42nd Birthday

IT’S TUCKER’S BIRTHDAY!!! This past weekend we celebrated another year passing to the wayside for Old Man Tucker. We smoked some hookah down at the Pied Cow, then crawled our way over to the World Famous Belmont Inn and picking up the wonderfully polite homeless dude, Thomas, and finally ending up at the Space Room for some Purple Aliens. Money missed out on the shenanigans, while heading up north to attend a ancillary friend’s wedding. While Tucker tries to finish the Rogue birthday gauntlet, we talk a bit about some recent sports developments. Lance clues us in on how Brandon Roy screwed the Blazers by signing with the Timberwolves. And Sean recounts the MLB trade deadline acquisitions that the Dodgers made, while making a bold prediction of a World Series Champion. Lance thinks otherwise, and a bet is made. As we’re all getting a little older, we ponder what our younger selves would think of where our lives have taken us. Some have good thoughts and some of us our a little disappointed. What do you think your younger self would think of where you are now? Tonight is National Night Out! So check in with your local bar or block party, or if you’re in the Portland Metro area, head down to the Jolly Roger in John's Landing and join us as we record live. There will be $2 burgers and dogs, beer specials, live music from local musicians The Eddyville Band, and of course…US!!! Join us in the mic and maybe win some prizes.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Tiki Talks: Outer Space Heaters

Berg, Sean, and Lance get together this week to review the Outer Space Heaters new EP “Desolate Surf”. The album is 27:43 of rip roaring surf rock. It’s also a great musical odyssey through space, spaghetti westerns, and the ocean. Take a listen to our thoughts and then download the EP from Outer Space Heaters bandcamp page. Also, check out their show at Duff's Garage on August 17th.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Video Problems

So I know we promised you a video episode of Money. The problem is a hour long video takes enormous amounts of time to upload and it keeps timing out. We’ll crack this problem and get you the video ASAP. Bare with us and you will be rewarded.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tiki Ten: Duck & Cover

It's hard to do a great cover song. Your taking someone else's message and repurposing it, putting your own spin on it. The thing that I love about music is that it's very subjective. A song can mean something different to two different people. I believe that the cover song best exemplifies this. A good cover song provides two different takes on the same song. A cover can give a song new meaning and new life. So here is a few of my favorite covers.

Track Listing
1. I Will Survive - Cake
2. Hotel California - Gipsy Kings
3. I'm On Fire - Town Mountain
4. Mr. Blue Sky - Mayer Hawthorne
5. Mad World - Michael Andrews & Gary Jules
6. Hurt - Johnny Cash
7. Come As You Are - Yuna
8. Viva La Vida - Weezer
9. Baby Got Back - Jonathan Coulton
10. Sexy and I Know It - Noah Guthrie