Friday, July 6, 2012

Mayor & Sheriff of Singletown

Sean’s ninja skills finally pay off this week, Money, thank you. We don’t want to spoil it, but lets just say it leads to a conversation about self-love. Our conversation transitions to a recap of the Timbers-Sounders game. Money seems to think the C-Linkers are better fans than the Army. We also plot out ways of how to fix soccer as a whole. Lance needs the guys to help him form an idea to plan his Dad’s upcoming big birthday. The conversation, like usual, digresses off topic from there. Sean remembers that he neglected an ever-important plug, and uses it to put the guys back on track. Tucker & Sean went to see Buster Keaton double feature at the Clinton Street Theater presented by Film School PDX. One of Money & Tucker’s good friends from Seattle is newly single and making the trek down to Portland. This opens the group up to a roundtable on what should be on the agenda for this weekend. Sean wraps up the show describing the differences between being the Mayor and the Sheriff of "Singletown".

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