Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Money $hot

It’s the 25th episode! We have a double special treat for you listeners. First and foremost we premiere the “Money $hot”, a dedicated camera to capture the non-verbal communications that Money is so well known for. The second treat is we have a special guest on the show, Nick Ninja. You may better know him as a friend of the show that is well prepared for the zombie apocalypse. We find out how Tucker’s trip to Seattle went and why Money is suddenly broadcasting from Japan. Lance and Sean went and saw Dark Knight Rises with a bunch of douchebags (not by choice). We talk about the trailers we saw, which leads into a discussion of the greatness of James Bond and the actors that play the part. We get interrupted by “Name That Shot”, which Nick fails to finish throughout the rest of the episode. Come join us for National Night Out on August 7th at The Jolly Roger in John's Landing. We’ll be recording live, as well as some great beer and barbeque specials, and possibly some live music! The Olympics just started, so the boys weigh in on the frivolity of the Olympic Judges. Money went to Florence + The Machine at Edgefield, while Sean went to the Violet Isle CD Release Party at the Star Theater. Sean then goes on to list some of his prospective Summer Concert List and the upcoming Tiki Ten. Look for it on August 1st!

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***Note: Having some issues with the video. We should have the problem solved in a couple of days.

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