Tuesday, July 17, 2012

For Free

Boom goes the dynamite this week. We start off with a blast of talk about the 4th of July and the legality of fireworks. In true NPR style, Sean and Money ask for sponsors and interns to help run the show. We need your help! Spread the word to all your friends and the internets. Money gets outed at work from a coworker who finally listened to the podcast. Dark Knight Rises comes out this week, so we all make some predictions, which spawns a conversation about best movie sequels. We name a few, but what is your favorite movie sequel? Is it something that we didn’t mention? Sean provides a quick All Star recap before putting Lance to sleep. Money finally provided a topic, what are your requirements for tipping? The boys weigh in, before talk diverges into our current cell phone debacle. Lance and Sean are about to have their cell phone contracts expire and are debating on switching to Virgin Mobile.

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