Monday, July 2, 2012

Tiki Ten: Summertime 2012

Welcome to the Tiki Ten! Each month we’ll bring you a 10 song playlist that we have put together to represent what we’ve been listening to each month. It will carry the vibe of the season, some interesting new music, or just a random theme that we’ve put together. Either way you get an awesome selection to listen to throughout the month.

This month we kick it off with a BANG! Fourth of July is approaching, and that means barbeques. So here’s a little good feelin’ summertime music that you can enjoy with a beer, a brat, and the good company of friends.

Track Listing
1. Quesadilla - Walk The Moon
2. Sebastian - Reptar
3. Block After Block - Matt & Kim
4. Shoestrings - AWOLNATION
5. St Croix (Acoustic) - Family of the Year
6. Silver - Eternal Summers
7. Young Blood - Black Whales
8. North Side Gal - J.D. McPherson
9. Some Nights - Fun.
10. Gimme Twice - The Royal Concept

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